Who I am and what that means

I am a solutions-driven content designer, which means you’ll find me gathering user requirements, performing task analysis, creating wireframes and mock-ups, editing UI pattern libraries, and writing user-driven content in a brand’s authentic voice.

Digital design

Slightly different in scope than campaign-driven design, digital design for me is just as much about optimisation and understanding the user needs. It's a welcome puzzle to weave the unique brand voice with good design and best practice user research.

Content design

Content design is not the same as content marketing or editorial writing. It's about listening to a specific user need and finding the best way to fulfil it. You aren't just delivering "words". You're delivering the best "answer"... for now.

Problem solving

To solve problems, you need to be able to look at a problem and generate ideas from both a business and customer point of view. Often it's about digging deeper and knowing that a Beetle is sometimes a better solution than a Porsche. In context.

“No, seriously, what are you?”

If you’re here, you’ve probably looked at my CV and portfolio and wondered where exactly I fit. I’m a bit of a writer and a dash of designer, with a little sprinkling of code. I consider myself a T-shaped content designer who gravitates towards user requirements, task analysis, and problem solving within creative teams. By observing and asking questions, I identify the gaps or inefficiencies that are causing friction, research possible solutions, and work with teams to get them fixed.

Sometimes that means I’ll be part of the design team launching UI or marketing projects to various stakeholders, other times, I’ll need to write plain language guides, or a set of procedures to ensure teams are talking and deadlines are getting met. More often than not, it’s just a series of quick wins to get the team into a good state to deliver worthwhile products to the customer, and it can be small, like figuring out how to import XML with jQuery, or big, like performing a full content audit and defining the required page tables. I’ve grown each of my roles to have a dual UX vision: looking outward at the best customer experience, and inward, at the best team experience. 

As a lifelong learner, who is naturally curious and self-directed, I’m looking forward to meeting the team I’ll pivot to next.

I'm also building pens for FreeCodeCamp

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