I'm Claire Rooney

I design, write and help teams get stuff done. This is my creative playground.


I've been a designer of online marketing campaigns, wep pages, user interfaces, and internal communications. I keep designs simple and always ask 'why'.


Plain English writing is my jam. Plus, I've dabbled in stories and scriptwriting too. If you need a content designer with UX design thinking, I'm a freelance content consultant. Get in touch.

Getting stuff done

I'm an INTJ. That's a psychometric (posh) way of saying I just like to get on with it and solve problems. It also means I'm not afraid to learn new things so I can be better at fixing... well, stuff.

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Let's meet-up

I love meeting other creatives and working within creative teams. If you're looking for some good vibes, let's meet up for coffee (I won't tell anyone if you order cookies!)

Where you'll find me

Glasgow City Centre or Kilwinning

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