As a content designer, I want to deliver simple, useful content so that audiences understand, act and succeed.

Simplify, simplify, simplify

If you want your content to rank well (for both readability and SEO), it should be written in plain language. Clear writing means clear thinking. Studies also show it improves other metrics like credibility and transparency. Content designers can help you make your content accessible to more of your intended audience.

Content design

When you go beyond thinking of copywriting as ‘selling stuff’ and focus on user need, that’s content design. It’s about creating content to serve user needs, even if the end result isn’t necessarily words. Content designers help you decide on the types of content you need to serve your users.

Live by the brand book

If you want team members to use the right language when talking to customers, share the same language from the beginning. Speak to employees the same way you talk to your customers. Content designers can help you evolve and apply your style guide inside and out so that it is accessible and clear.

Kill your darlings

Every storyteller learns this essential rule. Cut out anything that that doesn’t serve the story, even if you love it. The same applies for business content. It’s harder to spot because while you live and breathe your business, you don’t think of content as your darling. Content designers help strengthen ‘stories’ by snipping this fluff.

Hi. I'm Claire Rooney. A content designer and UX writer.

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